Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Media: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Image from imdb.com

I really enjoyed this science fiction film directed by Rupert Wyatt.  James Franco plays a scientist, Will, who is experimenting with genetic engineering.  He discovers a medicine that helps people to advance at an extremely rapid rate and could possibly be the cure to Alzheimer’s disease.  As a result of a malfunction, Will (Franco) is stuck with adopting one of the apes, Caesar, from the research lab.  A relationship develops between Will and Caesar and the film depicts how strong love can be between man and ape.   

Image from imdb.com

Media: Special Effects

All the apes in the film are created by special effects.  It is absolutely incredible to see how it works.  Andy Serkis is the actor that plays Cesar and his movements are used in front of a green screen so that the visual effects team can then transfer Serkis’ movements and make them look like they are that of an ape’s. Take a look at this awesome video:


Design: SF Houses 
The film takes place in present day San Francisco, one of my favorite cities.  I adore SF and the charm the city has to offer.  It is green, hilly, and foggy which makes it so unique.  It is so beautiful and the towns across the Golden Gate Bridge are even more spectacular.   Although SF is famous for its Victorian style houses, I love the more classic and modern exterior look.  Throughout the movie, we see tons of great shots of the city and the G.G. Bridge.  It inspired me to share some photos I’ve taken myself during my travels through the city.

Taken with instagram and set up with diptic

My Likes: Tiburon

Tiburon, a town in Marin County, is only two exits off the G.G. Bridge. It is also magnificently beautiful and it has amazing views of SF and the Bay area.  Here is a pic I took: