Media: Clueless (1995) Amy Heckerling

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is blonde, beautiful, rich, popular, and knows how to get what she wants.  She lives in a gorgeous mansion in Beverly Hills and her best friend, Dionne (Stacy Dash) is also stunning and wealthy.  This dynamic duo knows how to dress in style and always seem to wear complementary outfits.  They adopt a third friend, Tai (Brittany Murphy), who is in desperate need of a make over.  They help her out and soon enough she becomes the most popular girl on campus.  Clueless is one of my all time favorite movies with quirky jokes and a fun look into 90’s fashion. 

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The music from Clueless made the movie that much more fun to watch.  Here are a few of my favorite songs from the soundtrack: (available on iTunes)

1.     Change – The Lightning Seeds
2.     Alright – Supergrass
3.     Supermodel – Jill Sobule
4.     Kids In America – The Muffs
5.     All the Young Dudes – World Party

Art: Designers from the 90’s

Calvin Klein: Cher wears this super cute mini white dress when she goes out with Christian to a party.  When she comes down the steps to greet her father the scene goes: “Cher what is that?” “It’s a dress!” “Says who?” “Calvin Klein!” “It looks like underwear. Go put something over it” “Duh! I was going to!” Cher puts a clear shirt on to “cover up.”  This sexy and simple dress is known as Calvin Klein’s signature look. This dress was such a hit that this past summer CK remade the dress!  You can buy the dress (it comes in red too!) at Confederacy.com here is the link:  Calvin Klein Clueless Dress

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Azzedine Alaia: To a party in the Valley, Cher wears this gorgeous skintight red dress by Alaia.  She’s obviously the best dressed at the party with a matching red feathered jacket and red satin shoes.  When her ride home goes sour she is stranded in an empty parking lot and all of a sudden gets robbed at gunpoint! The scene goes: “Get down on the ground, face down.” “Oh no, you don’t understand. This is an Alaia.” “An a-what-a?” “It’s like a totally important designer.”  Although she tries to protect her dress, she is forced to the ground and waits until the thief runs away.  Her night is ruined not because she gets robbed, but because her Alaia dress gets dirty.  Check out the stunning dress:

(Screen shot image)

(Screen shot image)

Design: Closets

Cher’s closet is ridiculously fabulous.  It is organized, color coordinated, and connected to Cher’s computer program that helps her match outfits.  What more could a girl ask for?!

Cher’s One of a Kind Closet:

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Celebrity Closets:

Having a neat closet where your clothes, shoes, and accessories are easily accessible is extremely important. The key to a well-maintained closet is organization and sufficient space.  It is a good idea to add a couple special touches such as pretty wallpaper and fun lamps in order make the area warm and inviting to make your closet an enjoyable place to get dressed in.  Here are some pictures of the insides of a few celebrity closets that have order and elegance.

 Jose Natori - founder of Natori

            Jenna Lyons – Creative Director 
for Jcrew

Tamara Mellon – Founder of Jimmy Choo  

               Nate Berkus

            Anna Sui                


 Nanette Lepore

(All images from Celebrity Closets @elledecor.com)

My Likes:

Clueless made fuzzy pens the coolest new fad.  Everyone had a fuzzy pink pen in their pencil case and a matching fuzzy notebook!

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During my obsession with this film and its characters I got the Clueless Barbie Doll Collection.  The Cher and Dionne Barbie’s were adorable with cute outfits and accessories – duh!

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