Media: Dexter

This crime drama on Showtime is by far my favorite TV series.  Michael C. Hall stars as Dexter Morgan, who by day, is a forensic bloodstain pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, and by night, is a serial killer.   It is easy to get addicted to watching the show and falling in love with Dexter’s mysterious personality and good looks.  The show has been going on for 5 seasons and it is truly incredible. 

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Art: Blood

Ty Mattson for Dexter

A very talent artist and fan created these awesome posters for each season of Dexter. Check them out! You can purchase these posters on the Showtime website: Dexter Posters

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Design: Bloody Designs

Blood plays a main part in each episode on Dexter.  Here are some quirky bloody designs that feature (fake) blood. 

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Perfect for Halloween, or a funky dinner party, these bloody dinning room table designs are just what you need to freak your guests out!

1. Kyouei Design Liquid Lamps

2. Lost City Forensic Pillow


3. Sppining Hat Blood Bath Shower Curtain

4. Antonio Murado Salome Coffee Set
(Images from designtravellor.blogspot.com)

These bloody objects are just the right match to a bloody dinner party and a great way to spook friend!

My Likes:

Check out this blood spattered inspired Dexter T-shirt from red bubble:

You can buy this t-shirt here:  Bloody Dexter Shirt


Mad Men

Media: Mad Men

This 1960’s based drama follows the lives of ambitious Madison Avenue advertising agents.  Executive producer Matthew Weiner takes us back in time to relive what it was like during the 60’s.  The style, fashion, people, and city all come to life as if we delve into the past.  Don Drapper (Jon Hamm) stars as the creative director at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising Agency, where his power and good looks intimidate both women and men.  This series is extremely entertaining with an impeccable group of actors, sets, and costume department.  

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Art: Vintage Advertisements

One of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising Agency’s biggest clients is Lucky Strike.  I found these vintage ads for Luck Strike that are pretty neat!

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Playtex is another big client of the Agency. Here is the ad they actually used on the show!
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Design: 1960’s Interior D├ęcor

Mad Men’s set decorator Amy Wells does a great job creating each set to look like we are back in the 60’s.  She picks each object, prop, and piece of furniture with great detail a careful eye.  Take a look at some of her work:

Don & Betty’s Bedroom

The Drapers’ Kitchen

The Drapers’ Living Room

The Office at Sterling Cooper

(All images from Woman's Day )

For a refined spin on the 1960’s style here are some pictures of a beautifully decorated retro home:


(All images of Retro Decor @ elledecor)

My Likes: For all you “maddicts” !

Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant dresses each female character in stylish, conservative, and elegant clothes.  Here are some great style pieces that will give you that classy 60’s look Bryant creates for the show.

(Phillip  Lim sweater and gloves by Phillip Lim, Miu Miu pumps, Mulberry bag, Lanvin necklace, and Chloe pleaded skirt)

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Darjeeling Limited

Media: The Darjeeling Limited (2007) Wes Anderson

Three estranged, prescription drug-addicted brothers come together for a train trip across India to reestablish their relationship.  During the trip they fight, argue and take drugs to cope, as each brother has a distinctive personality.  The eldest brother, Francis (Owen Wilson) organizes the trip and takes the lead in planning the itinerary.  The youngest, Jack (Jason Schwartzman) is depressed over his breakup, and Peter (Adrien Brody) left his pregnant wife at home to come on the trip.  Francis intends for this trip to be a religious journey through India, where at the end of their voyage they go visit their mother who has moved to the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains to become a nun.   Wes Anderson takes us along the journey to watch, as the three brothers get closer through life changing experiences during their time in India.  

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 68%

(All Images from thedailytruffle.com)

Art: The Art Of Printed Luggage

The interesting and unique luggage the brothers use in the movie is a prop you can not help but notice.  Belonging to their late father, the luggage is extremely important to the brothers and they literally and physically cannot go anywhere with out it.  The one of a kind luggage was designed by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and is decorated with the initials J.L.W. and a bunch of tropical designs: palm tree, giraffe, and rhinoceros.  Take a look at how finely crafted these luggage pieces are:


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Design: Indian Influence

Since the movie takes place in India I thought of bringing up some gorgeous interior design pictures of Indian influenced objects and rooms.  Typically, the style of India consists of unique patterns and textiles, mirrored curtains and bedspreads, and beautiful rugs and tapestries. The colors involved are: blue, purple, red, brown, and beige.  This type of style also happens to be my favorite!  Check it out:

(Image from delighbydesign.com)

 (All images from Ikat Designs @elledecor.com)

My Likes:

I absolutely love this style.  I found incredible bedding by John Robshaw and I’m completely obsessed.  Here are pictures of my dream bedding :)

Check out other amazing designs by John Robshaw