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Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amélie, (original French title Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain) is a film that blends together fantasy and reality.  The film follows Amélie, the main character, as she goes about her everyday routine in the charming city of Paris. The mise-en-scene of the film illustrates the dramatic changes Amélie brings to certain individuals.  Through its unconventional, quirky depiction of characters, pervasive non-diegetic sound, and unusual camera work, Amélie completely engages the audience with its dream-like visuals.  With his precise and distinct vignettes, fantastical use of color, and detailed and enhancing set, Jeunet encourages the audience to give more meaning to the seemingly insignificant things in life.     Rotten Tomatoes Score: 90 % 

Image from http://scarebearwendy.blogspot.com/2009/11/fabulous-destiny-of-Amélie-poulain.html
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Art: Props        
Throughout the film, Jeunet uses interesting props to demonstrate that the seemingly insignificant things in life are what matter. 
This tin box was found behind a loose tile in her bathroom. It contains childhood artifacts belonging to a tenant that lived in Amélie’s apartment before her. She makes it her mission to return the box to her owner. When she does this, she changes this stranger’s life forever.          
This cute little gnome played a quirky role in the film.  Amélie gave the gnome to her flight attendant friend who took pictures of the gnome at various famous sites all around the world.  Her friend sent the pictures anonymously to Amélie’s father, allowing him to travel vicariously through the gnome.     
Amélie constructs a letter for her concierge Mrs. Wellss.  After being completely heartbroken over her husband’s discrepancies, Mrs. Wells is overjoyed when she receives this love letter.  Amélie pretends the letter got lost in the mail, but in reality she was the one to send it.     
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 Design: Saturated Color        
Amélie is a film of saturated colors, specifically green and red. The entire movie is like a beautiful picture book with its picturesque imagery and vibrant color palette.  The character’s costumes and the film’s set all blend together making it a very cool and interesting reality.  Because the film is predominately red in color, it inspired me to find pictures of red dominated interiors. Take a look:         
All 4 Images from Alkemie.blogspot.com

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While researching, I came across a really cute and unique blog, “Inspired by Amélie.” This blog is devoted to encouraging bloggers to discover the small details in life that sometimes go unnoticed, but are present in the film.  The blog creates several challenges, such as creating letters like Amélie’s love letter in the film.  By participating in these activities, people are extending Jeunet’s message to the greater community that lies beyond the reality of the film.