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This crime drama on Showtime is by far my favorite TV series.  Michael C. Hall stars as Dexter Morgan, who by day, is a forensic bloodstain pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, and by night, is a serial killer.   It is easy to get addicted to watching the show and falling in love with Dexter’s mysterious personality and good looks.  The show has been going on for 5 seasons and it is truly incredible. 

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Art: Blood

Ty Mattson for Dexter

A very talent artist and fan created these awesome posters for each season of Dexter. Check them out! You can purchase these posters on the Showtime website: Dexter Posters

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Design: Bloody Designs

Blood plays a main part in each episode on Dexter.  Here are some quirky bloody designs that feature (fake) blood. 

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Perfect for Halloween, or a funky dinner party, these bloody dinning room table designs are just what you need to freak your guests out!

1. Kyouei Design Liquid Lamps

2. Lost City Forensic Pillow


3. Sppining Hat Blood Bath Shower Curtain

4. Antonio Murado Salome Coffee Set
(Images from designtravellor.blogspot.com)

These bloody objects are just the right match to a bloody dinner party and a great way to spook friend!

My Likes:

Check out this blood spattered inspired Dexter T-shirt from red bubble:

You can buy this t-shirt here:  Bloody Dexter Shirt

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