The Social Network

Media: The Social Network (2010) David Fincher

The Social Network explains the creation and history behind the world’s most revolutionary social networking web-site.  It does a great job realistically portraying how this Facebook phenomenon came to be.  Fincher really draws you in by completely showing the characters’ vulnerability.  The acting is excellent and truly believable.  For me, it was interesting to watch a movie about the web-site mostly everyone of us goes on several times a day.  It makes you look at Facebook in a different perspective.  I enjoyed this movie a lot and liked how the characters were portrayed; however, the ending was a bit disappointing.  Overall, it was a solid movie that told the real story about Facebook. 

(Image from joshcaza.com)

(Image from socialnetworkmovie.wordpress.com)

(Image from techpaparazzi.com)

Art: Facebook Graffiti

Graffiti is one of the most popular applications on Facebook.  Users can put their artistic talent to the test by drawing anything they’d like.  It works by using the color palette and design utensils provided.  It is pretty fun and definitely really cool if you’re good at it.  My favorite part of the app is how you can play back the process of how the artist drew the graffiti and watch the true piece of magic come to life! Check out these amazing graffiti drawings done by extremely skilled Facebook graffiti artists. 

(Graffiti by Ana Sofia Perez)

(Graffiti by Rita Uhle)

(Graffiti by Sim Hong)
(Graffiti by Rita Uhle)

(Graffiti by Rudy Wong)
(Graffiti by Rudy Wong)

Design: Dorm Room Décor

As the majority of The Social Network takes place at Harvard, I thought of incorporating fun photos of dorm rooms.  For me, it is really important to decorate my dorm room a certain way that makes it feel warm and homey.  After class all I want to do is go back to a nice, clean, and comfy room.  Here are some amazing pictures of really unique and innovative dorm rooms. Take a look:

(Image from bigsislilsis.com)

(Image from ambassador.rit.edu)
(Image from designedtothenines.com)


(Image from designedtothenines.com)
(Image from mydesigningsolutions.com)

(Image from myhomeideas.com)
(Image from bhg.com)

My Likes:

Decorating your dorm room can be loads of fun.  PB Teen has awesome dorm room décor that can make your room exciting.  Here are a few photos of some accessories that can make your room look super cool. 

You can find other great things on the PB Teen website: 

(All images from pbteen.com)


  1. love the dorm room designs! I love the trunk idea! Great post! Anna

  2. hi glad you liked my graffiti of the tiger :)